Who is your content for?

That’s the question you should ask yourself before you step into the blank page.

Besides that, there’s a million thing you can write about on your blog, but you won’t be writing about a million things. Find your niche “market” and start there, trust me there is no other way.

Start small and hopefully it will go big. Yes, “hopefully”, because there are no guarantees when it comes to success.

Short posts

The time to be realistic is now. People are not reading 3000 or 5000 words post anymore like before. This is the era where as a blogger writer you have to go straight to the point now days.

Of course you can still write long posts and of course they can get a lot of traction depending on the topic or your niche.

Writing is all about mainly finding your own independent voice, as you may have read already. In my case, for instance, I’ll continue experimenting with short posts and see where it will take me.

Domain name

I know! My current domain to this site is set up as a redirect. Disla.org is the future of this site.

Although, I owned and disla is actually my last name, the plan for now is to continued growing the site with content before I commit to a pay plan from WordPress.

So far I like this, living behind all the technology behind the scenes from the self-hosted site is a welcoming stress-free relief for me.