Google rolls out new privacy tools for Maps, YouTube and Assistant

The tools are meant to better allow users to control, manage and erase the data Google collects from those who use its services or prevent Google from collecting that data in the first place, in some cases.
In Google Maps, there’s now an incognito mode option that works similar to the one available in the Chrome browser and, more recently, YouTube .
The idea is that there are times when you don’t want Google to track your usage of Maps, including when you search for particular places or travel about town.



I personally think this is a good step by Google when it comes to our personal data online.

The iPhone 11’s Deep Fusion camera is now in the iOS 13 for developer beta

Deep Fusion is a new image processing pipeline for medium-light images, which Apple senior VP Phil Schiller called “computational photography mad science” when he introduced it onstage. But like much of iOS 13, Deep Fusion wasn’t ready when the phones arrived two weeks ago.


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