Go get it

Stop waiting for something “good” to happen, just go for it. Be mindful that in the long run it may not work out in your favor or simply you just not good at it. But how would you know if you never take a chance, just a chance at it. Set the day and make … Continue reading Go get it


There is nothing you can do about it. Your entire life, one way or the you’ll be playing around it. Anybody can tell you to just focus on the moment and go on. Sure, but in practice with all the little things with have going on in our life; family, work, shores, school and so … Continue reading Time

Short posts

The time to be realistic is now. People are not reading 3000 or 5000 words post anymore like before. This is the era where as a blogger writer you have to go straight to the point now days. Of course you can still write long posts and of course they can get a lot of … Continue reading Short posts

Domain name

I know! My current domain to this site is set up as a redirect. Disla.org is the future of this site. Although, I owned and disla is actually my last name, the plan for now is to continued growing the site with content before I commit to a pay plan from WordPress. So far I … Continue reading Domain name

Showing up is easy

The hard work is actually doing the work itself. Discipline doesn’t come in just out of the blue. Is all a mind-set and let me tell you something there is no online guru that can tell you otherwise, but sell you an e-book. Is all self-discipline my friends and only you can snap out of … Continue reading Showing up is easy

This two skulls are red

If a sign tells you To follow the purple skull to your destination, the answer seems simple: Veer left. But isolate the stripes that make up the skulls, and you’ll find neither skull has purple bones; in fact, all the bones are the same color. Slot them back into the banded setting, and they shift … Continue reading This two skulls are red

New start

They said that every story has a beginning and an end. I’ve been blogging since forever, but for one reason or another I quit. This time around I’m coming back home, to my firsts platform at Worspress.com. Been self-hosted and done that. This new journey for me start today. Not going into details to what … Continue reading New start